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Becoming Aware of Environmental Sensitivities

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Together we can make a difference. We strive to promote awareness, provide information, bring people together and encourage self-help.

Promote awareness among individuals, communities, schools, businesses and governments about environmental conditions, products and procedures that can be harmful to human health and well-being.

Offer information, resources and referrals in order to access appropriate health care, and safer sources of:


Bring people together for networking opportunities and mutual support, and update our members and others. EHA BC is currently not meeting.

Provide self-help resources and information for those who wish to help themselves and to share this knowledge with others.

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Learn more about us and our vision and mission statement.

This site is currently static and is not adding new information.


Opinions expressed and suggestions given within our website and/or newsletter are not necessarily those held by all EHA BC members or its board. Individuals are responsible for their own choices as a result of the information received from the EHA BC in printed, written or verbal form. Those with sensitivities vary widely in what they tolerate, the reactions they have and the treatments they respond to. The information given does not replace professional healthcare advice, which we encourage you to seek when you need it.


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Updated: October 30, 2021