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About the Members Area

EHA BC Members-only Sub-site

This is a password-protected section of our site is available only to EHA BC members.

This gives our members access to a larger range of material than we offer to the public. If you are not a member, consider joining now.

Password Protected

Access to the Members Area requires that you have a current username and password to enter, both of which are provided to our members.

Members in good standing that have not received a working password, please contact EHA BC.

How to Enter

Internet Explorer logon screen

If you already have the username and password, you can go directly to the Members Area.

You will encounter a request for a user name and password that looks like one of these:

Firefox logon screen


You are given the option to have your Web browser "remember" the values you enter (recommended so that you don't have to look them up next time).

  1. Enter the user name and password in the appropriate areas.
  2. Follow your browser's instructions to remember the password (recommended).
    • To store these values the proceedure differs from browser to browser:
    • Firefox will prompt you to save the password after you click OK.
    • Internet Explorer select the checkbox beside "Remember my credentials" before you click OK.
    • Most other browsers follow one of these two patterns.
  3. Click OK to enter the members area.
  4. Your browser should then open the introductory page in the Members Area.

To remove the stored entries (such as when the password is changed):

  1. Uncheck the checkbox and click OK.
  2. When you restart your Web browser, the values will have been "forgotten."
  3. You can now enter updated or correct information if you choose.

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If It Doesn't Work

Authorization Required

If the prompt reappears or you see a notice headed Authorization Required, you have entered the wrong user name or password.

If you still have difficulty and you are sure that it is a technical issue (i.e. not a lack of the required user name and password), email the Webmaster with your browser and operating system. A copy of any message appearing would help in diagnosing the problem.

Obtaining a User Name and Password

The user name and password are provided to EHA BC members. If you are not a member, consider joining now.

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Updated: September 26, 2016