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The Environmental Health Association of BC (EHA BC) is a charitable society based in Victoria, BC. We provide information on resources for those with Environmental Sensitivities (ES): food, chemical and electromagnetic sensitivities.

We provide awareness of least toxic alternatives and ways to prevent further cases from occurring.

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Founded 1993 as the Ecological Health Alliance by Katy Young and Jean MacKenzie to provide mutual support and a common voice to those with Environmentally Sensitivities in the Victoria BC area.

Over the years it has grown and become the Environmental Health Association of BC (EHA BC), a charitable BC Society and affiliate of the Allergy & Environmental Health Association of Canada.

The EHA BC provides support through a newsletter, brochures and printed materials, website, phone line, email and a support group that meets in Victoria.

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Year End Reports

CRA Status

Charitable status and CRA reports are available to the public online.

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Updated: September 26, 2016